7train METS Generation Tool




7train is an XSLT 2.0-based tool for generating Metadata and Encoding Transmission Standard (METS) files from standardized XML inputs.

Version 1 of the tool was designed to transform CONTENTdm Version 4.0 Standard XML exports into METS files conforming to a specific METS profile - http://www.loc.gov/mets/profiles/00000010.xml.  However, the tool can be customized to produce METS files from any kind of standardized XML document (e.g, OAI records, etc.).



The 7train transformation process was designed by Paul Fogel and Erik Hetzner at the California Digital Library (CDL) and is copyright the University of California Regents.

This software is made available in the hopes that it will be useful, but is supplied without any warranty or guarantees.  It is provided "as is" - use it at your own risk.  The authors may not be held accountable for any problems related to the use of this software.

This software may be redistributed under the terms of the BSD license found here